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      Monthly Archives: February 2020

      1. Dust your worries away

        When it comes to sanding, a perfect work comes not only from the tool and the abrasive you are using, but also from how clean the working surface is kept. An adapted dust extraction unit, such as the new RC7915 from Rodcraft can make a big difference for an easy and safe work.


        With its features to make it compatible with most of the sanders existing on the market, the new Rodcraft dust extraction unit is a perfect mobile station for all body shop works. Its auto-start is compatible with two types of sanders, electric or pneumatic, including a 4.5-meter-long hose. The vibration bowl added to the 3 filters ensures a high level of filtration compliant with the European standard H14 (directive EN2006/42/CE), delivering the right safety level for work on dangerous materials.

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      2. Rodcraft boosts your engine

        Rodcraft boosts your engine

        The new Rodcraft batteryless booster RC600 can start any type of vehicles, from motorcycles to mining vehicles. Using the ultracapacitor technology, the RC600 gives boosters a new dimension in terms of power, weight and durability.

        This new batteryless booster is able to deliver twice the power compared with a normal booster to start any engine, in 12 or 24V. The ultracapacitor technology also allows a significant weight reduction, down to 18,4kg.

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      3. Rodcraft air hydraulic jack range is getting bigger and taller

        Rodcraft air hydraulic jack range is getting bigger and taller

        The new Rodcraft air hydraulic jack, ATJ30-1H, is the ideal equipment for those who need a robust high lifting capacity air hydraulic jack. With its 772mm of maximal height, the ATJ30-1H is amongst the highest air hydraulic jacks on the market, allowing you to lift any type of vehicles with high clearance.

        The ATJ30-1H provides 30 tons of lifting capacity all along its stroke from 360 mm to 772mm. To bring down the load, the new Rodcraft air hydraulic jack comes with an automatic brake which controls the descent speed for a safe and easy use.

        If you are working with heavy duty trucks, agricultural engines, road construction equipment, quarry vehicles or mining vehicles, the ATJ30-1H is most likely the foolproof product you are looking for.

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