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      Product news

      1. Rodcraft introduces new pneumatic riveter series for blind rivets and rivet nuts

        Rodcraft is introducing its new professional products in the family of pneumatic riveters for blind rivets and rivet nuts.


        The range consists of three completely new riveters and a blind rivet gun from the previous range. With its performance spectrum, the series covers all classic requirements for riveting in vehicle service and body shop applications as well as in steel and metal construction. The new models will be available from distributors and in the online shop from mid-April 2021.

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      2. RH216 - New and extra low profile 2.5 ton trolley jack

        With an underride height of only 75 millimeters, the jack is also suitable for vehicles with a low ground clearance and offers a lifting height of 500 millimeters.

        With its 20 percent lower weight compared to the previous model, it is particularly suitable for quick and easy tire changes and for servicing cars, smaller commercial vehicles and machines. With the additional foot pedal integrated to the tiller, the trolley jack can be approached very quickly to lifting points of the vehicle.

        In addition, the RH216 is equipped with a release valve that guarantees slow lowering even under load with the release valve fully open.

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      3. New light, ergonomic and powerful RC2203 ?” compact impact wrench for universal use.

        With its low weight of only 1.1 kilograms, the RC2203 impact wrench is one of the lightest in its class, making it comfortable and ergonomic to use over a long period of time without suffering fatigue.

        The compact impact wrench has a housing made of composite material, which is additionally protected from external damage by rubber inserts.

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      4. Affordable high power and durability in Rodcraft’s new 1” impact wrench

        Rodcraft’s new 1” impact wrench

        Rodcraft launches a new powerful 1” impact wrench – the RC24X1 – which delivers the highest power and durability in its class but at an attractive price, and presents the best value for money on the market. The robust wrench, which provides 20% more power than the competition but at a fraction of the cost, is suitable for working on heavy duty vehicles, enabling mechanics and vehicle service professionals to operate more efficiently and improve productivity.

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      5. Dust your worries away

        When it comes to sanding, a perfect work comes not only from the tool and the abrasive you are using, but also from how clean the working surface is kept. An adapted dust extraction unit, such as the new RC7915 from Rodcraft can make a big difference for an easy and safe work.


        With its features to make it compatible with most of the sanders existing on the market, the new Rodcraft dust extraction unit is a perfect mobile station for all body shop works. Its auto-start is compatible with two types of sanders, electric or pneumatic, including a 4.5-meter-long hose. The vibration bowl added to the 3 filters ensures a high level of filtration compliant with the European standard H14 (directive EN2006/42/CE), delivering the right safety level for work on dangerous materials.

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      6. Rodcraft boosts your engine

        Rodcraft boosts your engine

        The new Rodcraft batteryless booster RC600 can start any type of vehicles, from motorcycles to mining vehicles. Using the ultracapacitor technology, the RC600 gives boosters a new dimension in terms of power, weight and durability.

        This new batteryless booster is able to deliver twice the power compared with a normal booster to start any engine, in 12 or 24V. The ultracapacitor technology also allows a significant weight reduction, down to 18,4kg.

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      7. Rodcraft air hydraulic jack range is getting bigger and taller

        Rodcraft air hydraulic jack range is getting bigger and taller

        The new Rodcraft air hydraulic jack, ATJ30-1H, is the ideal equipment for those who need a robust high lifting capacity air hydraulic jack. With its 772mm of maximal height, the ATJ30-1H is amongst the highest air hydraulic jacks on the market, allowing you to lift any type of vehicles with high clearance.

        The ATJ30-1H provides 30 tons of lifting capacity all along its stroke from 360 mm to 772mm. To bring down the load, the new Rodcraft air hydraulic jack comes with an automatic brake which controls the descent speed for a safe and easy use.

        If you are working with heavy duty trucks, agricultural engines, road construction equipment, quarry vehicles or mining vehicles, the ATJ30-1H is most likely the foolproof product you are looking for.

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      8. High-speed and power from Rodcraft’s new ratchet wrenches

        Rodcraft’s new ratchet wrenches

        Rodcraft is introducing a new range of pneumatic ratchet wrenches that delivers high speed and high torque for all general vehicle service applications. There are four models in the range, providing high durability combined with comfort and ease of use, so mechanics can get their jobs done quickly and efficiently.

        The new range replaces the existing nine wrenches in Rodcraft’s portfolio meaning so our customers can take advantage of the very latest technologies and the associated benefits of high speed and power. Selection and specification are also easier than before.

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      9. Rodcraft launches a new range of high torque tools for metal working, cleaning and buffering for general mechanics? applications

        Our Rodcraft's removal range welcomes 3 new tools to perform all applications from cleaning to tyre repair. Based on the same motor, we are launching a low speed die grinder.
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      10. New workshop crane in Rodcraft range: WK1000

        >Rodcraft new WK1000 crane

        Rodcraft has a new comer in its workshop equipment range, a new high quality crane with 1T capacity to perform any lifting of light vehicle sub-assemblies. With a large working range, removing a motor or a gearbox become easy and safe. Plus, the adaptable arm length gives even more working height, up to 2,2m.


        Rodcraft new WK1000 crane integrates a double pump system to avoid inefficient pumping movements. The effort of the mechanic, while lifting and downing the handle, is fully transferred to the lifting pump. The crane uses 2 pumps for perfect efficiency which means a job done twice faster than older systems. This complete structure is assembled on a pivot for a 200° rotation, to be adapted to the worker’s position.

        The WK1000 can be easily placed in the working area with its low profile feet, only 90mm high off the ground. These feet can be folded to minimize storage space.

        This 1 ton crane is fast, easy to use and uses quality parts from our Rodcraft expertise.

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