Our Rodcrafts removal range welcomes 3 new tools to perform all applications from cleaning to tyre repair. Based on the same motor, we are launching a low speed die grinder RC7068, an eraser tool and a tyre buffer RC7088, designed with our renowned and expected quality and power.

Developed on the same 400W motor platform as our latest die grinders, this concentrate of torque enables, in any condition, a fast and easy work. To bring this power all the way to the accessories, the tools feature a 3 planetary gear box to balance forces and reduce wear. Thanks to those key features, we are able to deliver 5.5 Nm and 2800 RPM, the best conditions for applications using large diameter accessories such as mounted points, eraser pads and tyre buffer wheels. 

Tire buffer - RC7088

This base is combined with a 6 mm collet on the  RC7068 to adapt all accessories such as metal brushes, flat wheel, mounted points, cutting wheels and burrs. The perfect speed of the tool ensures an optimal industrial and workshop work. The tyre buffer RC7088 , equipped with an Hex. 11mm quick chuck, is able to change tyres quickly and easily. It allows, before gluing the patch, to clean the inside of any damaged tyre.

Die grinder 6mm - RC7068

The eraser tool  RC7038 is ideal to take away hard glue from tyre rims after counter weight removal in a fast operation and leaves aluminum wheels like brand new. The  RC7038 holds eraser pad with a standard 5/16? thread. You can use the power to run a rubber wheel to remove stickers and glue from any material, without over burning or scratching paint. No more chemicals needed. The tools housing is composed of a rubber protection meant to protect from the cold and reduce vibrations. The handle has been shaped ergonomically for a perfect handling. Including a safety trigger integrated within the grip to improve the feeling of ?an extension of the hand?, it is able to withstand hard working conditions and bring precision.